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Taking Steps to Better My Future

 “The Minorities Opportunities Committee of the Nashville Bar Association is pleased to announce that you have been selected to participate in this year’s High School Summer Internship Program and have been placed with the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office for the internship”. A rush of fear and verve consumed every part of my being. I was chosen, along with eight other applicants to serve as the program’s interns. This program is specifically designed to help minorities. There were nine positions and twenty-six applicants. My knowledge that Antioch High School students had filled four of the nine positions, not only made me proud to be chosen, but proud to be a “Bear”. This internship has compelled me to further my studies in law, because I have only cracked the surface. Although this was a paid internship, money was not my motive.

The seven weeks I’ve spent at the Attorney General’s Office has far exceeded my expectations. I was given the opportunity to tour the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which manages the state’s three forensic crime laboratories. The lawyers, paralegals, and the support staff were all so affable. I was fortunate enough to meet the Tennessee Supreme Court judges, General Bob Cooper, and Mayor Karl Dean. Eating lunch with these individuals were some of the most inspirational moments that will be forever embedded in my heart. I’d also made a shocking discovery- I had a fun and safe summer while simultaneously taking steps to better my future. This was no meaningless “nine to five”. This gave me the experience of what to expect in the real world.

John F. Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. I am striving to become an attorney who isn’t all about the money, but an attorney who cares about the welfare of this nation. This further compels me to deposit my heart and loyalty into all of my endeavors and to strive for the highest success.


Jamie Thompson, The Academy of Teaching and Service

Antioch High School


An Amazing Ride So Far…

The Academies at Cane Ridge High School are preparing us with the knowledge we need to determine our career of interest. But how do we know which Academy is right for us? Well that question can only be answered by the student. In my case, as I was coming to high school I knew nursing was my passion. So therefore, when they offered me an academy sophomore year, I knew the Academy of Health Management was the best choice for me.

 The Health Management Academy is the study of the body. It’s all about what’s behind our skin. What happens every second we breathe. It’s that exciting. And, the most incredible part is that we are learning what we want to do for the rest of our life in a medical career, or in any field of science. The Academy walks the student through course work so they can learn everything there is about health careers, and how to take care of our body and how it functions. This allows us to see if this is our true passion. And for me, it has been an amazing ride! Because every experiment and dissection that we have done at our school has been the experience of a lifetime and I have enjoyed it. I’m no longer a stranger to the Health science world.

A. Moreno, Academy of Health Management – Cane Ridge High School

A fun time at NECAT

While interning at NECAT, I was offered participation in production classes. I didn’t know what we’d be doing or what concepts we’d be covering or anything. However, I jumped at the opportunity, knowing full well I would get valuable experience no matter what material or concepts we went over. The class consisted of John– the tech director at NECAT—giving us a packet that listed all the guidelines for the studio and explained certain aspects of production, such as lighting and basic camera concepts. John explained all the contents of the packet in detail and then we began doing “mock productions.” Some of us would be in the control room directing while others would be on camera shooting. Finally, two or three others would be “talents.” (the people on camera) Each group did a five-minute segment and simply discussed anything they wanted to. When I was on camera, I was partnered with a man named Dwayne. He and I both loved sports. So, when it came our time, we sat and had a great discussion about various sports events that were occurring. It was great! It really felt like I was on a real TV show! Later, we rotated off and worked in the control room. I felt so important! I was telling the talents where to move, giving the cameramen instructions, etc. I was basically the tech director. Afterwards, we got on camera and helped film another group on camera. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life!

-Daniel S., Academy of Art, Design & Communication

My UNHS Adventures Summer of 2011


      My name is Morgan and I am now a senior at Whites Creek High School. This past summer I had the opportunity to do an internship with United Neighborhood Health Services (UNHS). In this internship I had a chance to work in the medical field with other Doctors throughout many of the United Neighborhood clinics. The program was 6 weeks starting on June 6th and ending July 11th.

      The first week of my internship I met with the person that was over the internship, his name is Mr. Stewart and I learned about the history of UNHS. UNHS serves all people from any race, rich or homeless. UNHS’ mission is to give equal health care to any person without high payments. When I learned about what UNHS does to help the people of Nashville, I couldn’t wait to go.

     When it was time to start my rotation at the clinics I was placed in a group of four.  First we went to Southside Clinic, then the Downtown Clinic and finally the Main Street Clinic. At all the clinics we were allowed to take the temperatures of the patients, height, and weight and do the patient call backs. When you do an internship with a clinic you will see all the different kinds of people who need medical attention.

     In addition to working in the clinics, Mr. Stewart gave all the groups an assignment to do a service learning project. My group and I decided to do something for homeless women. Some homeless women don’t know that they’re pregnant so my group and I came up with the “Step to Motherhood” program. In this program it basically gives a list of all of the clinics that give pregnancy tests for free for homeless women without any proof of residency. My group passed out the flyers out at women’s shelters and the YWCA so we could get the word out faster.

     My most memorable moment was working at the Downtown Clinic. In that clinic they generally serve homeless patients. What really caught my attention was the large amount of people who would wait in line to get the medical care.  Some had a shelter to go to and some didn’t. “Why are there so many homeless people?” everybody in my group asked. To this day nobody knows the answer to this problem. This opportunity to serve as an intern with UNHS has really opened my eyes.

     I applied for this internship because I love to help others and after this opportunity I am looking forward to continue my journey into the medical field. I am applying to attend Lipscomb University, Vanderbilt or TSU and major in biology. In the future I want to become a Gastroenterologist so I can help those people in need, just like those doctors and nurses helped the people at the clinics. In the future look out and keep your ears open for Dr. Morgan E.

Summer Internship at UNHS (United Neighborhood Health Services)

Imagine that you and your best friend are offered to do an internship for the summer. You might think it will be a great experience and good for them to spend time together.

 The same exact thing happened to two girls at McGavock High School named Bhakti and Akshita Patel. They were really excited about it and thought it would be exciting. The next day they had their interviews and the girls were really nervous. Their academy coach helped them out with some ideas about how to interview. Mrs. Barkley, the academy coach, explained to them how to dress and talk in an interview. She also told them the kinds of questions asked in an interview. It was really helpful to them and they were really good in their interview. They both got selected for the internship. The first week of the internship was going great until they found out they were not working together. The girls were working in the different groups of four which included students from various schools. They were really depressed but they started communicating with their co-workers/students.

 The second week they actually started to work at different clinics and learned how to file the charts, take blood pressure, temperature and measure height and weight of patients. They worked at the clinics three days a week; then on every Thursday all the interns met at the Main Street Clinic for orientation. People came and explained about Health Care Programs, Service Learning, HIPPA, and applying for colleges and financial aid. Finally, The third and fourth week of the internship they started working on their Service Learning Projects with their own groups. Bhakti’s group chose a project in which they started donating clothes. Akshita’s group decided to provide free pregnancy tests to homeless women. In order to accomplish this, they created brochures and passed them around in different shelters. Bhakti’s group ended up getting a good amount of clothes to donate to the women’s shelter. Akshita’s group project was very successful. Women received a new kind of help from most of the clinics organized by United Neighborhood Health Services. Bhakti and Akshita overcame their fears and reached out to meet new people, and so they were able to truly experience a great opportunity in this internship. They allowed themselves to have a wonderful time with the UNHS workers and the students/co-workers. These experiences will help them make decisions about their future.

 -Bhakti Patel and Akshita Patel, Academy of Health Science and Law

McGavock High School

Internships at USCCU helped us pick career paths

The US Community Credit Union Academy of Hospitality and Finance, McGavock High School:

Aaron H.- “My experience at U.S. Community Credit Union was a once in a lifetime experience. The fact that people invest their time in helping me meant everything. I have found the career that will satisfy my needs and will be gratifying to me too. I have people who care and a firm grasp on what I want to do in my life. What more do I need?…Doing this internship has sort of solidified my commitment to it.”

DQ L.- “This job teaches great life lessons. It has helped me save money and realize what I want to do in life. I want to get my CPA.”

Brandon P.- “Ever since I was young I always knew I either wanted to be a pastor or an accountant. For a little while I thought for sure I was going to be an accountant, so I applied for the internship at the credit union. Sometimes it’s just as important to learn what you don’t want to do as learning what you do want to do. The U.S. Community Credit Union is an amazing place to work and a great financial institution, but I was blessed with the chance early in life to find out my future does not lie in the financial field. Even so, I learned lessons I will take into the career I choose.”

Alexis A.- “During my working experience at the credit union, I learned so much. I learned that saving my money would be my biggest struggle further on in life if I don’t start now. I am so grateful to have an opportunity like this at such a young age. I feel that this has prepared me to start my life as a ‘young girl’.”

Thelma G.- “Working at the credit union was a great experience. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that everybody could have wished to experience. The training at the U.S. Community Credit Union got me prepared for almost any job. It is definitely going to open doors for me in the future. It was like a peak into the real world. This experience helped me decide on and pursue a career in the business field.”

US Community summer internships in our own words…

McGavock US Community Credit Union Academy of Hospitality and Finance: 

“US Community Credit Union has given me a huge opportunity. Over the summer, I got the chance to learn about the finance field. I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a future job, but now I am sure my pathway is finance. I have changed into a better person. This summer will be unforgettable.” -Monserratt H.

“This summer, I got the opportunity to work at the US Community Credit Union. I learned working there that with a little effort, you can overcome a lot. I have learned to speak louder and use my words. This experience will open up a lot of doors for me after high school and on my college applications.” -Chelsea A.

“This summer, I interned with the US Community Credit Union. I haven’t ever been completely sure if I wanted to go into the financial business. After working and getting this experience under my belt, I definitely want to go into business. This opportunity was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had. I loved working there. Everyone really was treated like family, the employees and members included. I got to know everyone really well. I have made friendships that will probably last a life time.” – Bri F.


“I enjoyed my internship at US Community Credit Union very much. It was good to see some of the skills I have been learning being applied in the real world. Even though my computer did a lot of my work for me, I still enjoyed knowing the accounting principles behind it. I also enjoyed seeing business from the side of the financial institution. I saw hands on what it is like to be a teller and I learned a lot about customer service. My co-workers were good teachers and they were very understanding. Even though I am in high school, it was easy to make office relationships and get along with everyone. I would tell any high school student that they should take an internship, because it will change them for the better whether they find out what they want to do, or what they don’t want to do. It will enrich their lives.”

“P.S. Getting paid isn’t too bad either.” -Joseph M.

“This summer, I had the experience to intern at US Community Credit Union. This experience taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future. Although I do love business and enjoyed working at USCCU, I’m going to study Chemistry, with the hopes of one day becoming a Pharmacist. But because I do love business, I plan on taking some business oriented classes along the way. The internship has taught me valuable skills that I will always cherish and appreciate. I also learned that every job isn’t easy, but learning something new each day is what makes a job. I really appreciate this opportunity and I take with me a lot from the experience I was given.” -Bryan D. Q.

My summer experience with the academies

Usually during the summer I take multiple trips and sleep everyday away, but not this summer. This summer I had my teachers calling me many times asking me to help them out. I was asked to come back to school a couple times and talk in front of people about my experiences in the Academy of Digital Design and Communication.

Once I came with a couple of other students and talked at an in-service for teachers about using the parks for instruction. We talked about how my class had participated in an amazing project with our partner, Stones River National Battlefield. In the eleventh grade we study American History and American Literature. Our teachers planned a project in which we made several different civil war videos in our Broadcast Journalism class using what we had learned in our other classes. When the videos were completed, we held a film festival to showcase the videos and the students in our academy were able to text in their votes for best videos in several categories.

Also towards the end of the summer my teacher called me and asked me to spend an entire day filming a teacher in-service meeting. I gladly accepted. I had to wake up at 6 in the morning and meet my teacher at the school at 7. This actually was a great learning experience, mainly because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing and didn’t do as good of a job as I would have liked. I learned that I have to have time before I start filming to discuss with the people in charge and figure out EXACTLY what they want from me, what camera angles I can use, and what the video is going to be used for. I also learned that maybe for a teacher those meetings are interesting, but from an outsider’s point of view they are like watching C-Span for eight hours straight.

But seriously, I did learn a ton from that meeting and from talking in front of teachers about our project. I’m really glad my teachers like me enough to bother me during the summer and ask me to help them out.

Barrett D., Academy Of Digital Design and Communication

McGavock High School

My Academy Choice

                Throughout the years many young individuals are given extraordinary opportunities to enhance their education. At our high school we have a variety of academies based on the interests of the students.  I chose to be a part of the Academy of Health Science and Law; I am in the Criminal Justice pathway.  Through this academy I am being put through real-life scenarios that will help me as I prepare for my future career.  The pathway I am in fits me perfectly because I aspire to a career in Corporate Law.  There are many scholarship, internship, and educational opportunities in this academy. 

                First, in this academy I have the opportunity to be influenced by my peers to go further into my interests. Because I know the university I want to attend, I spoke with teachers, and I found many scholarships that fit the courses I am currently enrolled in.  My academy always has the resources needed for one to succeed and the activities to do so.  For example, I am in a variety of extra-curricular activities, and one of them is being President of the Debate team.  This allows me to put forth my leadership, organizational, and researching abilities.  I am also a member of SkillsUSA and through this organization I have had the opportunity to travel and compete.

 Second, a student should always go deeper in to their career interest  and find a hands on activity.  In my academy I applied for an Internship sponsored by the Nashville Career Advancement Center, and it consisted of an application as well as an interview.  I was chosen for the internship, and I was put through training/orientation.  Once that done, I was assigned to the Public Defender’s office to expand my knowledge on my career choice.  This internship allowed me a preview of what my career will look like and to view what is expected of all the attorneys. 

Third, there are many educational opportunities that are provided by this academy, but of course it is our choice to take advantage of them.  I applied to the Constitutional Academy, and I was chosen. It was an incredible process. There were over five hundred applicants, and only fifty were chosen. I, along with a fellow classmate, was chosen, and became a part of those fifty. This program consisted of five weeks distance learning which consisted of online discussions, reading, and essays. After that we traveled to Washington D.C where we completed a residential week of the program. This consisted of lectures, monumental touring, and exams.  The participants who successfully completed all assignments, tests, and the residency earned college credit. This program was amazing, but the Constitutional Academy wouldn’t have happened without the financial help of the Ford Oval Blue Scholarship.

I am grateful to the teachers and business partners in my academy who prepared me for these opportunities. They not only prepared me for college, but I am definitely on the track to be career ready.

-Escarlet E., Academy of Health Science and Law

McGavock High School

The Interview is Important

Even if someone is the most skilled or the most experienced applicant, the interview process can be intimidating. Luckily for the students of McGavock, we had the opportunity to train with Lynn Maynor, the Director of Leadership and Training at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. She taught us valuable interview techniques for the upcoming internships in which only five students from each health science academy in Nashville would be chosen. The day of our interviews arrived and those of us who had attended the training were prepared for what would be for many of us our first interviews.

            Once the internship came to a close, the students of McGavock were recognized not only for being some of the best interviewees, but also as some of the best workers, and the best at working with customers or patients in our internships. Thanks to the guidance of Ms. Maynor, McGavock has been able to show how outstanding our students can be in the workforce and provide a better name for our school.

-Wesley B., Academy of Health Science and Law

What an experience!

Written by:

Itzel, Lisa & Paulina

Talk about commitment – my internship was a wonderful learning experience. I learned about myself and the type of worker I am. Through NCAC I was placed at the Sheriff’s Office. I have always wanted to work in law enforcement and become a homicide detective. Placing me in this particular department was a great benefit to me. While in the Sheriff’s office I learned about the warrants’ division and how warrants are served in Davidson County. I loved my summer internship and I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. – Itzel

This summer I had a great opportunity to work with Metro Government through NCAC and their internship program. It was a fantastic experience. After an application and interview process I was assigned to the Edgehill Library. You might think that being a Librarian is the most boring job ever but it is not. You always have something to do. In my case, I worked with children ages four to sixteen. I was never bored! – Lisa

The summer internship that I did with NCAC in June was great! I had to complete an application in the spring and once it was accepted I had to interview. Before going to work, I had to be trained for a week. After training, I worked my internship at Metro Social Services.  In the beginning I knew nothing about Metro Social Services and thought what does this have to do with my future. Through my internship, I met great people who touched my heart and showed me that people deserve a second chance. I learned to appreciate what I have. I also learned to always do what is right even if some people might not like it. – Paulina