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Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom

Hi, my name is Brittani and this summer I was given the opportunity to work with the Nashville Career Advancement Center to better my knowledge of the workforce. This opportunity was by far the most interesting and beneficial opportunity I have ever been offered at Hillwood High School. NCAC provides individuals with career development resources in order to produce a skilled workforce for businesses. This career center is able to choose fifty students from MNPS to take part in a paid summer internship program each summer. Upon getting selected, I applied and was chosen for an interview. A few weeks later, I was notified that I had been chosen to be a part of the program and that I would be working with the Nashville Public Library in Bellevue.

Working at the library is most times thought to be a boring and quiet job, but in my case it was the complete opposite. The Bellevue Library was and is constantly busy and revolves solely around its community. While on duty, I shelved returned books, placed books on hold for incoming customers, and helped run the circulation desk. There was never a moment where I was left with nothing to do. Working at the library made me more aware of what my future may hold. I realized that a people oriented career is definitely where I want to end up as an adult. From this experience, I learned that productivity and willingness to help are always greatly appreciated in the workplace, and that a job and/or career will only be what you make of it. If it weren’t for NCAC or the Academy of Business and Hospitality at Hillwood, I would have never been given this opportunity nor would I know what type of career atmosphere I prefer. Thanks to these wonderful places, I have gained knowledge of the workforce, developed social skills, and learned to adjust to daily issues that occur within the workplace.

~Brittani S., Hillwood High School, Academy of Business and Hospitality

Community Service and Passion at Glencliff

My name is Dalton and I am a senior at Glencliff High School. I am a member of Glencliff’s Academy of Medical Science and Research and am proud to say that we are among the top academies at Glencliff, not only in academics, but also in service and passion. I am incalculably excited to see brilliant minds and compassionate hearts at work! The Academy of Medical Science and Research at Glencliff truly cares about the health of others and health risks that are effecting the local community. This year, our academy will be having a 5K to spread awareness on diabetes and diabetes research.

In the summer on 2011, I was chosen to represent Glencliff High School in an internship at Meharry Medical College. Health messaging and professionalism were the two key points assessed at the internship. The program lasted four weeks, and upon completing the internship, the students were paid a stipend. Six students from Glencliff and six students from Whites Creek High School took part in this internship, and we all shared memories that will last a lifetime. If not for my academy, Glencliff High School, and Meharry Medical College, I would not have had this life changing opportunity!

I’m ready for that world.

The aviation and transportation academy provides an accurate representation of my career goal. My future goal is to become a computer engineer and the classes are structured to provide an enriching educational experience for me. The academy students are informed and committed to pursuing their education through their pathway classes.

The Academy of Aviation and Transportation is actively involved in the school. At the end of the year we planned an outdoor activity to test our knowledge in real life situations and were able to participate in recreational activities as well at the Spring Wing Fling. This academy also offers many opportunities for us to eliminate and explore possible careers through field trips, job shadowing, camps, and internships.

At first, I was thrown off by the idea of being one of the few female students in this male dominated academy. Luckily, I stayed in and have participated in many activities; now I am recognized at most events. Working together with mostly male students in school is preparing me for my future workplace environment, because it too will be male dominated. But I’m ready for that world.

Lindsey S.

McGavock High School, Academy of Aviation and Transportation

We do more than talk about the concepts…

Deangelo S.

“The Academy of Marketing and Business is doing a great job at preparing me for college and my career.  Through my job shadowing experience at The Southwestern Company, I saw all of the steps involved in marketing a product and in getting the product to the customer.  I also saw first had how much focus the company places on customer service, and just how important customer service really is.  In my Academy we do more than talk about the concepts of marketing; we experience them through real world experiences like job shadowing, trips, and competitions.”

Hunters Lane High School, Academy of Marketing and Business

Whites Creek students intern at Meharry Medical College through Project IMPACT

Kaitlyn C. and Johnny B., seniors in the Academy of Community Health at Whites Creek High School, write about their internships at Meharry Medical College. In her remarks, Kaitlyn focuses on the new knowledge and skills that she acquired during her internship and how the experience has strengthened her long-term career goals. Johnny states that the collaborative work environment and professional interactions among students from Whites Creek High School and Glencliff High School were the aspects of the program that left a lasting impression on him.

My name is Kaitlyn Carter, and I’m a senior at Whites Creek High School. For four weeks this summer, I had the amazing privilege of representing my school and MNPS by participating in the IMPACT (Innovative, Medical, Partnerships,Aligning , Communities, Together) internship at Meharry Medical College. The internship was introduced to me as a “health messaging” program. When I began this internship, I didn’t exactly know what the term health messaging meant. But, over the past four weeks, I’ve learned more about health messaging than I would’ve imagined. I was able to use new technology like iPads, iMac computers, video cameras, and microphone systems to create a documentary that introduces various healthcare careers to high school students. This experience has equipped me with many new talents that I can take with me to benefit my school and my future. I’ve really enjoyed this experience because I have been able to use technology to create a project that is designed to help high school students like me while being assisted by several other students who have the same goal as me. I have also been able to simultaneously reassure myself of the career I aspire to: general surgeon.  I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in healthcare or technology careers!

Hi, my name is Johnny Bond and I am a senior at Whites Creek High School. This summer I participated in the IMPACT internship at Meharry Medical College. Coming in on the first day, I was mainly excited to see my friends. I honestly had not even thought about the other kids that were coming in for the internship. When we all had arrived and got settled in our room, the room was divided. Whites Creek students on one side, Glencliff students on the other. Needless to say, it did not stay like that for long. Immediately after introductions we were hurled into teams consisting of two students from each school. Every hour or so they would mix teams up. That really helped everyone build relationships faster with one another. By the second day everyone was talking to each other as if we had known each other for years. This really helped when we began to shoot and edit video. Everyone was willing to help someone else out whether it was just to tell them how to turn the computer on or how to adjust the audio levels in the footage so you could hear better. This made the work we had to do much easier. Although I acquired unique and important skills that will be useful for the future, what I liked most was that I made new friends. Overall I would recommend this internship to everyone because it increases your knowledge about healthcare and technology and strengthens your professional skills. All of these are things that will help you to excel in a future career.

Broadcasting at Cane Ridge!

Cane Ridge High School’s career academies have been such an awesome program to be involved with.  The academies provide a great opportunity to look into different careers such as the arts, broadcasting, construction and the medical field, and to get a better understanding of them. The smaller class sizes allow the teachers to focus on each individual student and help them learn the subject matter. With all the generous donations from our sponsors, most of the equipment we use in the classrooms is comparable to what a person will find in the actual industry.

I personally have always loved cameras, whether it was being in front of them or behind them.  The Academy of Arts and Communications is a wonderful chance to get a glimpse of how different forms of media work. I have learned how to capture videos, edit on the Final Cut Pro software and how to write clear and concise news stories. I would highly recommend this pathway to anyone who is considering working in the broadcasting or simply enjoys working with cameras.

K. Springs – Cane Ridge Academy of Arts and Communications

McGavock is a family

“The difference between McGavock and a traditional school; McGavock is a family that helps one another reach their dreams.”

Kim G.
McGavock High School, Academy of Health Science and Law

I will do my part…

During this past summer I was given the opportunity to take a dual enrollment class in Introduction to Business for college credit as well as high school credit. My first thoughts were those of nervousness and anxiety; however, I realized it was great opportunity.  I soon discovered it was fun and an interesting course. My professor Cliff Rockstead was a spectacular teacher and a dedicated leader. I wish a million times I could go back and study harder to get more out of the course. I sincerely thank Deloitte for bringing this opportunity to Antioch High School and giving me a chance to be a pioneer in the endeavor and earn summer credits. It is absolutely true that we will need more people in the business labor force in the near future. I know I will do my part in helping my community and the people around me!

Antioch High School, Academy of Hospitality

Yancy P.

“It is all about customer service”

Going to Music City Networks was a great experience. The marketing and business employees in this design based company still play a big role. They spend a lot of their time dealing with people and their web pages. One of the most important jobs is management of the fan club and that site.  Customer service and the way you treat people is so important. If you don’t make the customer feel as if you care about them and their problems than it really doesn’t matter if you have a great product or not.  It seems like no matter the company I visit, it is all about customer service.  Also if you are working with your client and need to tell them their idea is not a good one that is only possible if you already have a strong relationship built. Also they help to fix the viral image of many celebrities, which has become so important now.  It was unbelievable to see how much better an artist looked after they had taken their photo and done some “magic”.  The artists owe a lot to these people. 

        Then going to Merchmo was so awesome! Watching them make t-shirts was so cool.  It was interesting watching how all of the different layers and designs went together to create a really quality product. It seemed like such a simple process, but it was obvious that it took talent and skill to be able to do it and get it to look that good.  Seeing all of their merchandize in their warehouse was also unbelievable.  I’ve never seen so many shirts in one place. All of the designs were so original and unique.  I wish they would design a shirt just for me for my upcoming run for DECA office. :0)

Deangelo S., Senior Advertising Student in the Academy of Marketing & Business, and future DECA state officer

Life Lessons from Internships

Students from Antioch High School’s, Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance reflected on their internship this summer at the Credit Union.  These students now operate The Tennessee Credit Union Branch at Antioch High during school hours.

Chris Steele

This was a wonderful experience to be in this internship. I learned valuable lesson on how to work as a team and be a leader when needed. This has helped shape my plans for opening up my own health clinic because I’ve learned the financial part of a business. This experience has changed me as a person. I feel more confident about my abilities as a future business owner.

Jose Ibarra

The internship this summer helped me be more focus and determined to work harder and be successful. It influenced me to find a career that I will enjoy being successful in.

Rashida Edmondson

 It helped me a whole lot. I want to go to college for accounting, some marketing, business mainly and it helped me choose my career. I love the Credit Union experience and I greatly appreciate the time I had spent at the summer job. I appreciate all the people who work there and also you, Dr. Kriebel, Mrs. Brenda, and many more. So I want to say thank you so much for this opportunity.

Adan Conde

 It made me decide of my future plans and career.  It also helped me be more on task and focused in school. it made me a better person of than who I was before.  I had the opportunity to have an internship at the Tennessee Credit Union

Lydia Jarrett 

 My experience at the Tennessee Credit Union helped me decide on my future career on Accounting. It helped me on my communication skills, to be able to go up to someone and ask them about accounts. As a head Teller it helped me further develop my leadership skills.

Tanika Smith

“Never know who the person next to you is, or what that person can do for you.”

Daniel Shelton

This was an amazing  opportunity  not only because I got to deal with money, it was great because I learned so much this summer about business and what pathway I would like to take with my life

Edmodo – “the new generation of learning”

Edmodo, a social network site for teachers and students, was used by our International Baccalaureate Students this summer, and is spreading out around the school.  See below comments from real students about the use of Edmodo this summer. 

This has been a new and inventive way to keep our brains busy even though its summer. Most kids forget about school over the summer because there is no teacher to help guide us. Well here’s the new generation of learning and I like it :)– Courtney H.


Edmodo really helped me to keep in touch with my teacher if I had any questions about the assignment. I check it daily,lol. Overall, I believe it’s a great way for us to keep up with the work over the summer :) Tiffany T.


This website if very creative . It’s helped a lot with staying in touch with school . If I ever had a question, I could come ask the teacher on here . And with the assignment, this was a great way of  the teacher, not only telling us what it was, but also being there to help us get through it if we had questions . I don’t know why someone didn’t start this sooner . It would be an awesome help if we used during school on school assignments , long term or short , and during the fall/winter/spring break assignments that we all know teachers are bound to give us ! Over all, I liked having this website . It was a great idea . (:  Sadie L.

Some Healthy Competition


Through the Academy of Aviation and Transportation at McGavock, I got the wonderful chance to be involved in the Technology Student Association. Through this after school club, I took part in a state wide competition with many other students my age. At this competition, I was paired with another student from my school and we were involved in an on-the-spot building challenge. This challenge consisted of us having scarce materials and a limited amount of time to solve a problem. Because it was McGavock’s first time to be involved in this competition, we were looked down upon as newcomers who could not possibly do well. My partner and I proceeded to blow the other competition out of the water and placed second out of approximately one hundred other teams. This truly set a name for McGavock at this event and now other schools have expressed their excitement to us about our return next year. This entire opportunity was granted to me through my Engineering pathway. Without this pathway and academy, this chance would have passed me by. I am so thankful for being involved in this academy and for the opportunity granted to me!

Elliott Martin, Academy of Aviation and Transportation

McGavock High School

…Until I became an Academy Ambassador

Leadership, respect, responsibility, positive attitude, and example to others are some of the qualities I never saw in myself until I became an academy ambassador. Being an academy ambassador has taught me not only to see these qualities in myself, but to use them in my everyday life. It has given me one of the most important gifts one could receive in life, and that is opportunity.

The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. The opportunity to share my ideas not only with friends, but also with those who can make a difference like my principal. The opportunity to inspire other students to get more involved in their education. As an academy ambassador I been given something that not many people appreciate, and that is privilege. The privilege to be the face of my academy and even represent McGavock High School. Through this I have the privilege to make parents feel that they chose the right and the best school for their children.

Being an academy ambassador is something I will never forget. Like the time I went to a job shadowing at the Opryland Hotel and danced with the staff. I will remember this and other wonderful experiences and carry them with me after I graduate this year and for the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful to my teachers for helping me with this once in a lifetime opportunity and for believing in me and most importantly for helping me believe in myself.

Derek L., Academy of Digital Design & Communications

McGavock High School

1st job shadowing day with Music City Networks

                Today I had a wonderful time in Music City Networks. I learned more about how to work with Photoshop and how to design T-shirts. I had a good time working with the people at Music City Networks. I learned how to be more creative with pictures, logos, websites, etc.  When we went to the Merchmo I thought it was awesome because they showed us how they put pictures onto T-shirts. It was so amazing because they showed us how to put the color on, how they layered the colors on the shirts to make the pictures, and how they dried the paints. It was so cool to see so many T-shirts, Hats, CDs, etc in just one building.  It was amazing to see how the business of Music City Networks works and how they work in the design business. I had a great experience at Music City Networks!! – A. Reyes

Just the Beginning

Written by: Megan Watson

                Last year I did not know what to expect when I started school at Stratford STEM Magnet High School.   I was part of the first group of students to take classes taught by Vanderbilt University professors.  The interdisciplinary science and research course was not your average science class.  It was like a college course.  Although rigorous at first, I learned more from this class than any other science class previously.

                This year, Stratford is a STEM Magnet High School that offers career pathways in the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies and the Academy of Science and Engineering.   Of course, I chose the Academy of Science and Engineering.  I love science and I am a hands-on person who learns better through experimenting.  The Academy of Science and Engineering is perfect for me.  I had a chance to go to a sewage plant to learn about water quality, to create a chicken body farm modeled after the Body Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee and to study forensic science.

                The interdisciplinary science and research classes continue to offer opportunities that I would not have experienced being in another school.  My first internship will start this summer.  I will have the chance to work with scientists in a science laboratory at Vanderbilt University. This experience will prepare me for a career in science and will prepare me for college courses and laboratory research.

                As the STEM Academy Student of the Year 2010-2011, I cannot imagine calling anywhere but the Academy of Science and Engineering home.  Last year was amazing and this year will no doubt be just as memorable and inspiring.  I have wonderful teachers at Stratford.  One day I plan to have a career in science.   I am grateful to the Academy of Science and Engineering and my teachers and professors for helping me to get a head start in making it happen.