I will do my part…

During this past summer I was given the opportunity to take a dual enrollment class in Introduction to Business for college credit as well as high school credit. My first thoughts were those of nervousness and anxiety; however, I realized it was great opportunity.  I soon discovered it was fun and an interesting course. My professor Cliff Rockstead was a spectacular teacher and a dedicated leader. I wish a million times I could go back and study harder to get more out of the course. I sincerely thank Deloitte for bringing this opportunity to Antioch High School and giving me a chance to be a pioneer in the endeavor and earn summer credits. It is absolutely true that we will need more people in the business labor force in the near future. I know I will do my part in helping my community and the people around me!

Antioch High School, Academy of Hospitality

Yancy P.

"It is all about customer service"<< >>McGavock is a family

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