Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom

Hi, my name is Brittani and this summer I was given the opportunity to work with the Nashville Career Advancement Center to better my knowledge of the workforce. This opportunity was by far the most interesting and beneficial opportunity I have ever been offered at Hillwood High School. NCAC provides individuals with career development resources in order to produce a skilled workforce for businesses. This career center is able to choose fifty students from MNPS to take part in a paid summer internship program each summer. Upon getting selected, I applied and was chosen for an interview. A few weeks later, I was notified that I had been chosen to be a part of the program and that I would be working with the Nashville Public Library in Bellevue.

Working at the library is most times thought to be a boring and quiet job, but in my case it was the complete opposite. The Bellevue Library was and is constantly busy and revolves solely around its community. While on duty, I shelved returned books, placed books on hold for incoming customers, and helped run the circulation desk. There was never a moment where I was left with nothing to do. Working at the library made me more aware of what my future may hold. I realized that a people oriented career is definitely where I want to end up as an adult. From this experience, I learned that productivity and willingness to help are always greatly appreciated in the workplace, and that a job and/or career will only be what you make of it. If it weren’t for NCAC or the Academy of Business and Hospitality at Hillwood, I would have never been given this opportunity nor would I know what type of career atmosphere I prefer. Thanks to these wonderful places, I have gained knowledge of the workforce, developed social skills, and learned to adjust to daily issues that occur within the workplace.

~Brittani S., Hillwood High School, Academy of Business and Hospitality

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