AP Courses + Applied Learning = A Winning Formula

The Academies of Nashville aim to bridge the gap between rigorous academics and real-world learning opportunities. Elliott, an Academy Ambassador from McGavock High School‘s Academy of Aviation & Transportation, writes in this post about the important relationship between theoretical knowledge in the sciences and its practical application in engineering. His experiences also demonstrate how the […]

An inside view of medicine and my future at Overton High School

Hi, My Name is Esther M. and I am a senior at John Overton High school. I am also one of the Ambassadors for the Academy of Health Sciences in the Biotechnology Research and Development pathway. On October 4th, I was interviewed by Channel Four News about the healthy food-option in our school café. During the interview, […]

Unique learning opportunities in the Ford Academy of Business

Hello, my name is Lanse Ngo and I am a junior at Glencliff High School.  I am in the Ford Academy of Business, which uses Ford PAS curriculum. Within my academy, we do simple things from team building activities to extravagant things such as job shadowing with many business professionals. I must admit my academy is […]