The Academy of Law at Cane Ridge

        Hi, my name is Irina. I am an ambassador for the Academy of Law at Cane Ridge High School. It’s an honor but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Being an ambassador requires that I am a good student. I have to keep my grades up, be respectful of those around me, and be a good representative of the academy to the outside world.

        Being in the Academy of Law is a lot of fun. We take field trips and learn a lot about the basics of law and the justice system. We have a lot of hands on experiences. We’ve learned how to finger print, collect DNA, how to examine a crime scene, etc. As a class, we’ve become like a family. We have a great teacher in Mr. Omer. He’s taught us so much about criminal justice.

        Last year, I competed in a program called Skills USA with a couple of fellow classmates. We tied for 3rd place with another school. We would have loved to win, but in the end, we had a fun time because we worked together and learned a lot. Our school also competed in a mock trial last year. Even though we didn’t win the competition, we did get best witness and most valuable lawyer. So, in criminal justice, we learn a lot. It’s always fun and we work together to succeed.

Irina O.

I am proud to be the Academy Ambassador<< >>First Culinary Competition Brings Bronze Medal…..Next Time GOLD!!!

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