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Antioch’s Academy of Technology and Communication job shadows with Nissan North America

Karla is a student in the Antioch High School Academy of Technology and Communication and participated in a job shadow with Nissan North America.

Nissan is an Academy Partner with Antioch High School‘s Academy of Technology and Communication.  Their partnership has been covered by News Channel 5 and the press release can be found at Metro Nashville Public School’s “Children First” blog.  Nissan also participated in Antioch’s VIP tour as well as the 2011 Career Exploration Fair. In this entry, Karla writes about her job shadow experience with Nissan.

The Nissan-North America job shadowing was definitely a great experience. I learned from the beginning to end. It was my first time ever putting together a resume. I was very delighted when Mrs. White my English teacher read my resume and thought it was good.  She even showed it to my principal Mr. Woodall.  Also, my dad was applying for a job and they asked him for a resume, but he had never done one. I got to help him write his resume and cover letter. He got the job!

When it was time for our interview I was a little nervous.  I had been interviewed before, but I know the manager so the questions she asked me were basically what days I could work. When I was interviewed for the Nissan job shadow position it went really great and I felt confident after the first few questions.

Getting the job shadow for Nissan was an amazing honor and a great opportunity. I got to see and experience what a real job is like. All through schools, teachers have told us about “real life” and about the business world, but it does not compare to what I experienced today. I learned much more that day than all this year because nothing compares to being actually there.  I was assigned to purchasing. I learned about purchasing the parts for the cars. I got to see how it is important to compare prices and always negotiate so you get the best offer. They told me to always remember: “Everything in life is negotiable.” I thought it was very interesting that I got to go to a meeting where they discussed the new higher prices and how they could get a better deal.

Overall, today went extremely well and it was definitely a new experience for me. I did not realize I would get to experience something this wonderful. If I could go back I absolutely would. I am really thankful to Nissan, Mrs. White and Mr. Woodall for everything today.

Karla I., Antioch High School

Academy of Technology and Communication

The Academies of Nashville

Whites Creek students attend teaching conference at Volunteer State

Aneshia, a senior from Whites Creek High School, writes in this post about attending a conference on preparing to become a teacher that took place at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN. The Academies of Nashville are designed to help students learn about their interests and pursue opportunities at post-secondary institutions of higher learning through programs such as dual enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt. While visiting Vol State, Aneshia learned more about how dual enrollment classes in teaching offered at Whites Creek count toward a teaching degree at some colleges and universities in middle Tennessee.

My name is Aneshia and I am a senior  at Whites Creek High School. Recently my Teaching as a Profession class visited Vol State Community College. My experience was very enjoyable. This opportunity increased my knowledge of what was in store for the Teacher Training pathway. On the field trip I related our Teaching as a Profession in Whites Creek High school to Volunteer State’s course. Their program had diversity like the one at Whites Creek and the workload was similar. At the conference our students were notified that we can take dual-credit tests that will provide three hours worth of college credit towards the specific course.

During our visit, we were able to experience wonderful things that most high school students wouldn’t get to do. For example, we took a tour around the school, we had the opportunity to talk to international students all the way from Denmark, we sat in on some college classes, and Vol State provided us with a wonderful meal. One of my favorite things I got to experience was being able to have a one to one conversation with the Denmark international students. I actually learned how their benefits, health insurance, and schooling work. The international students elaborated that all schooling in Denmark was completely free for them. From elementary to college they didn’t have to pay anything also relating to their health insurance is free.

I actually enjoyed myself and wouldn’t mind returning to the Volunteer State Conference again. Overall we had a marvelous time and they exposed us to things we hadn’t experienced before.

AT&T and Junior Achievement Create Experiential Learning Opportunities for Nashville Students

Karen Marin, a student at Stratford High School, writes about visiting the AT&T Building in downtown Nashville with her classmates in this blog entry. AT&T welcomed students into its offices to learn about a variety of career opportunities and roles within the company. This opportunity was made possible through partnership with the local office of Junior Achievement, a national non-profit organization that aims to prepare students for entrepreneurship and financial responsibility through experiential learning. The Junior Achievement Student Center connects students with enrichment opportunities and scholarship programs.

Thanks to Junior Achievement, on Tuesday October 25th, 2011, all students in the National Safety and Security Technologies Ford PAS Business pathway went on a job shadowing trip to the AT&T building (aka Batman Building) in downtown Nashville. The students had a chance to work one-on-one with employees to see what they do on a daily basis. They even allowed us to help them with their work, such as answering phone calls and running errands for them. One of the most exciting parts was that they gave us a tour of the whole building from top to bottom. On the 27th Floor, you can see all of Nashville!

AT&T was very welcoming; they showed us that there are many opportunities out there for us. We just have to want them. They offer many job shadowing sessions because they want to persuade young people to stay in school and never give up, which is why they partnered up with Junior Achievement to provide Stratford’s job shadowing experience.

At the end of our visit, they fed us pizza for lunch and everyone got together to share their experiences. We found out that they have an employee that graduated from our own Stratford STEM Magnet High School. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we are all so thankful to AT&T for allowing us to come in, Mrs. Moore for taking us and organizing everything, and Mr. Dollar for coming with us. We can’t wait to do this again! We know Stratford STEM Magnet High School is already planning more events for us to experience!

Pearl-Cohn, the first entertainment magnet high school in the United States

Pearl-Cohn High School has always been a school full of talented students, amazing teachers, and opportunities. Our school has now become even more unique and is providing even more opportunities by becoming an Entertainment Magnet High School. This is the only Entertainment Magnet High School in the country.  We have two Academies; the first academy is The Academy of Entertainment Communication, and the second is The Academy of Entertainment Management.  Both of these Academies branch off into three different pathways.

The Academy of Entertainment Communication has truly blossomed into a wonderful program here at Pearl-Cohn. We have received millions of dollars in equipment that is utilized every day. We use the equipment to film a daily news show and school events, and also to create commercials.  In addition to the news show, some of our students are now working on creating different shows that will be filmed and aired on channel 10. School events that have been filmed are football games, open house, and our annual Black History program. At the football games Gerald Harris (student ambassador for the Academy of Entertainment Communication) and Jay Smith are commentators. In addition to being commentators during the game, they both also do pre-game shows. You can find their shows on

Another goal that we have accomplished is that we have started to form a better connection with our sponsors and people in our community. On October 6, a small group of student leaders were able to meet with some of these people. The event took place in the school’s auditorium and allowed the students to express their feelings, concerns and most importantly their vision for the future of our school. This is an important first step in having a necessary give and take relationship with the community.

Miranda W.

Student Ambassador, Pearl-Cohn High School

Academy structure creates meaning and focus for learning in secondary education

In this testimonial from one of our Student Ambassadors, Cody D. writes about how studying in Cane Ridge High School‘s Academy of Architecture and Construction sparked his passion for building and helped him to start planning the next steps in his education and career. Students in this academy have the opportunity to work with the program’s Academy Partners, which include Messer Construction, Ole South Realty, and Associated General Contractors. Students also learn about opportunities to further their education and career through organizations such as the ACE Mentor Program and the Tennessee Technology Center.

Being in the Academy of Architecture and Construction here at Cane Ridge High School has changed my life in numerous ways. Going into the academy my sophomore year I kind of thought this was just going to be another one of those classes that wasn’t going to help me in life. Now being a senior and having completed two years of the academy courses, it has become very clear that this is what I want to do with my life. It has opened my eyes to this career and I can’t wait to go to college and continue to build upon this trade.

Coming into high school I knew that I wanted to do something with my hands, I just didn’t know what. After hearing about the construction academy I knew that I wanted to at least try it out because I believed that I would like it. I never knew that I would fall in love with it. Being in the academy has taught me a lot. I’ve learned the logistics behind a construction business. It’s taught me about structural integrity and how to use specific tools dealing with the job. I’ve built many structures for different school functions. I’ve built sets for plays and we take request from teachers about things that they may need built for their classes like book shelves, desks, cabinets, and many more things.

In class my teacher, Harold Cunningham, is very passionate in what he does. He does everything in his power to see all of his kids succeed in life, whether that is in the field of construction or not. He doesn’t just teach us the fundamentals of construction, he teaches us life lessons as well.

Being the academy’s ambassador has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a student and as a person. It has opened so many different doors for me and allowed me to talk to and meet some important members of our community.

Being in this academy has made me secure in what I want to do with my life and has given me a large head start. It’s given me a huge opportunity to build upon something I love to do.


New Opportunities through the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies

By Briana Bruton

As many of you have noticed, the world and everything around us is changing. For instance, those of you returning Stratford Spartans will notice we are experiencing a lot of changes due to some ideas in progress, such as the new hour lunch, new teachers, new classes, and (my personal favorite) new opportunities to further our education and life goals through academies. One such opportunity presents itself in one of our new academy pathways: the National Security pathway with the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies.

The core classes for the National Security pathway are taught by one of the newer staff members here at Stratford STEM Magnet High School. After serving 30 years for the FBI, Mr. Stephens has decided to join our staff of dedicated teachers! He teaches all the Criminal Justice courses.

While in Criminal Justice, students will mainly focus on police procedures, investigations, forensic science, and national security. Stephens says, “I want my students to become leaders, develop confidence, and ensure that they are aware of all of the criminal justice opportunities, and prepare for everyday life.” Colin Powell, former U.S. General said, “The Leader sets an example…not from what the leader says, but by what the leader does.” Stephens says he follows this advice each and every day. Some of the things students can look forward to this year in Criminal Justice are guest speakers, implementing a forensics laboratory, field trips, and hosting a student court.

Mr. Stephens is a passionate faculty member because he takes his real life experiences and applies it to all of his lesson plans. He has always wanted to teach high school. He says, “I love Stratford students and I would like to take my 30 years of learning to further students’ knowledge on Criminal Justice.”

My summer internship with United Neighborhood Health Services

Caitlyn, a senior from Hillwood high School, writes in this entry that her experiences in the Academy of Health Science and the internship she completed over the summer with United Neighborhood Health Services (UNHS) enhanced her academic focus and motivated her to pursue a career in nursing. UNHS is a committed partner of Metro Nashville Public Schools, offering internship opportunities to many high school students every year and operating health clinics in several of Nashville’s schools to promote public health.

I am a senior from Hillwood High School and was awarded the opportunity this summer to be one of three students selected from Hillwood to participate in an internship provided by United Neighborhood Health Services.  My name is Mary P., but most people call me Caitlyn. I am 17 and by being able to have this experience, I am ready to get to college and start a wonderful career in the health field as a nurse. The five weeks I participated in the internship were not only a great way to expose me to what a health career field would be like but also opened my eyes completely to how many people just in Nashville are in need of medical attention.  My goal is to become the best nurse I can so I can help those people in need. The opportunity I was given was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I know that I am extremely lucky to be offered this internship.

In the 5 weeks with UNHS we never had a boring time. The first week we spent going over rules and expectations they had for us. Weeks two through five were spent in their clinics. Every day we spent learning and doing something different, and the funny part is that it didn’t feel at the time like we were learning anything.  Actually looking back on it, we learned more than we thought. Being able to have this experience not only taught me how to perform tasks I will need in the medical field, but it also introduced me to many different kinds of people and cultures. Many people asked me why I would want to waste half of my summer on something like that, and at first I was kind of feeling the same way, but after getting in there and getting a feel the first week of how everything was going to be, I never once complained. I didn’t see it as a waste of time like some who didn’t participate.  I saw it as a small stepping stone to help me better my future, and that’s exactly what it did. I do have to say that I think if it wasn’t for the UNHS internship, I might still have questions about what I want my career to be. Now there is no question about it. The whole thing was a wonderful experience, and if they decided to continue on with the internship next year, I would highly recommend to anyone.