Pearl-Cohn, the first entertainment magnet high school in the United States

Pearl-Cohn High School has always been a school full of talented students, amazing teachers, and opportunities. Our school has now become even more unique and is providing even more opportunities by becoming an Entertainment Magnet High School. This is the only Entertainment Magnet High School in the country.  We have two Academies; the first academy is The Academy of Entertainment Communication, and the second is The Academy of Entertainment Management.  Both of these Academies branch off into three different pathways.

The Academy of Entertainment Communication has truly blossomed into a wonderful program here at Pearl-Cohn. We have received millions of dollars in equipment that is utilized every day. We use the equipment to film a daily news show and school events, and also to create commercials.  In addition to the news show, some of our students are now working on creating different shows that will be filmed and aired on channel 10. School events that have been filmed are football games, open house, and our annual Black History program. At the football games Gerald Harris (student ambassador for the Academy of Entertainment Communication) and Jay Smith are commentators. In addition to being commentators during the game, they both also do pre-game shows. You can find their shows on

Another goal that we have accomplished is that we have started to form a better connection with our sponsors and people in our community. On October 6, a small group of student leaders were able to meet with some of these people. The event took place in the school’s auditorium and allowed the students to express their feelings, concerns and most importantly their vision for the future of our school. This is an important first step in having a necessary give and take relationship with the community.

Miranda W.

Student Ambassador, Pearl-Cohn High School

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