Making the most of summer vacation: volunteer work at St. Thomas Hospital

In this entry, Clarise K. writes about her positive experiences volunteering at St. Thomas Hospital during summer break. She is a student in the Academy of Health & Emergency Services at Maplewood High School. Like many students, Clarise is taking advantage of her school’s partnership with a major Nashville-area hospital. She continues to volunteer on a weekly basis.

I started my volunteer experience at St. Thomasin the summer of 2011. I volunteered from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. every Tuesday and I never missed a day.

Maplewood High student Clarise volunteers at St. Thomas Hospital
Clarise K. of Maplewood High School volunteers at St. Thomas Hospital

When Ms. Ashley (the lady over the volunteer program) showed me to my first station I was so excited to be a volunteer and able to help. I started off in the Dan Ruby Cancer Center. I loved the people down there so much. Everyone was very nice to me. I started off only calling patient’s back. Then I went into making charts and helping hand out food to patients receiving blood that day.

After a month I was moved to the Coumadin Clinic on the other side of the hospital where I met the sweetest lady I haver ever known, Ms. Lila. She was seventy-four years old and also a volunteer. In the Coumadin Clinic I had to sign all patients in and check all patients out. I loved the work I did at St. Thomas and hope to go back soon. This experience was one of the best I’ve had.

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