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Paging the future Dr. Makiyah

Job shadowing give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Makiyah M., a student from Hunters Lane High School’s Academy of Health and Human Service,  participated in a a field trip to St. Thomas Hospital. In this post, Makiyah writes about her experience.


My experience going to St. Thomas was absolutely great. I got to experience a variety of things that go on in the medical field. During the day I tried many different hands-on activities and I got to meet new people who were interested in some of the same things that I am. Going to St. Thomas gave me a taste of what it would be like working in a hospital. The speakers were also great. They were very animated and engaging.

During the day there were many activities that I could try. It was very interesting to me because I could try out some of the technology. I had a chance to work with a robotic surgery machine. The robot was one of my favorites because it made me feel like I was a real surgeon. Not only did I work with the machine, but I also learned about its history.

I really liked the ice-breakers that they had planned for us. We were able to meet new people and also play a couple games with them. I liked that some of the people I met had different career choices than me. I got to learn about a few different careers in the medical field that I never even heard of before. I really liked being social with the other students because they had a lot of interesting things about themselves.

Spending the day at St. Thomas made me think about what it would be like if I were to work there one day. I had the opportunity to see doctors and nurses doing what they do every day. They made me feel very welcome. I felt like I was a part of their team. They were also very nice with assisting us to the conference room we were in.

Another one of my favorite parts was the speakers. They were very intriguing. Nancy Davis was very interesting. She was full of energy and her speech was great. I would have never thought of some of the things she faces on a daily basis. She was very animated and funny. The other speakers were also great. They were very educational and taught me a lot of new things.

Over all I had an awesome time. I got to go meet people who had some of the same interests as me. The speakers were great too. I got to learn a lot of new things. I also got to do hands-on activities. I really liked visiting St. Thomas. I hope I get another opportunity like this because it was very interesting.

What’s the buzz at Stratford?

Stratford STEM Magnet High School’s Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies is getting a lot of attention.  Rightfully so, there are some unique programs, exciting activities and hopeful students at Stratford.    But, what’s all the buzz about?

First, the unique and highly-qualified teachers including a former FBI agent and a Metro Crime Scene investigator, teach classes in tandem at Stratford STEM Magnet High School.  Not only do they teach rigorous academics, but the students get to be a part of the very investigations, interrogations, and deliberations that they helped solve.  Now that’s cool!  Here is the interview from Channel 4’s Anne McCloy.

Second, the computer simulation and game programming pathway affords students with opportunities where they can potentially make $70,000 a year after graduation.  What?!  That’s right!! $70,000 as a high school graduate can be earned from the knowledge and skills attained from Stratford STEM Magnet High School.  Check out this story from Channel 5’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

There you have it folks! … just a glimpse into the school that has everyone talking.  And the best part is you can be part of the action.  Applications are accepted to Stratford STEM Magnet High while seats are available. Learn more at