This is my story…

My name is Je’Nae A. I am basically very shy and I generally keep to myself, but if I am in a situation where I have to speak in front of a large crowd, I won’t make a fool of myself. I am the kind of girl who acts herself only around the people she knows and trusts. But I am slowly learning everyday to express myself to people more and to not be so shy. Sometimes when I think of my life and what I really want to do, I always put myself down by saying things like, “I don’t think I can do this” and “Am I going to be good at it?” But the reality is that I’m the only one stopping me from my dreams. What do I want to do after high school? I want… let me rephrase that- I am going to get into Le Cordon Blue Culinary School in NYC. This school is the perfect school for my bakery career. This school has a world renowned network of educational and hands-on instructors which is why I love this school. After college, I am going to own my very own bakery because it has always been a dream of mine to have my own bakery and create my very own desserts. The first step towards this goals is to attend the Educational Equal Opportunity Group Student Leadership Conference.

I believe the EEOG program can really influence kids not to drop out of high school. I think this program needs to show teens the bad things that come with dropping out of high school. One bad result of dropping out of high school is that if you want to do something big in life it will be hard for you to get a job because you will not have your high school diploma. I also think that the EEOG program should really get teens to want to try harder in school and earn all of their high school credits. Because there are some kids that don’t drop out of high school, but still don’t enough credits to graduate and that one thing is holding them back from their dreams. So, I think it is really important to help teens with credits too. My name is JaNae’ A. and this is my story.


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