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Hunters Lane prepare students for college and careers

This week has been a very engaging week for all of our Hunters Lane Warriors who are preparing for their careers.

On October 25th, we had a group of Hunters Lane students who were given the opportunity to attend #FirstCamp2013 at the Martin Center. In #FirstCamp2013, students were able to learn about the process of identifying and assessing concepts that are discussed in regards to a company, a product being sold, a specific brand, and individuals that is often seen on the Internet. Also, #FirstCamp2013 is beneficial for those of you tech wiz’s out there that would love to understand the developing applications used in products like the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, and Android all thanks to Metova. Did you know that any career field requires a command of technology whether it’s medicine, law, business, education, or finance? Statistics have shown that Information Technology (IT) will be the fastest growing career over the next 10 years! IT offers multiple career paths for any of you that would love to explore the career of technology!

My Future. My Way. Career Exploration Fair
Besides #FirstCamp2013, Hunters Lane’s Freshman Seminar classes are taking a trip to the Annual Freshmen Career Exploration Fair next week! The career fair will allow students to receive hands on experience in a variety of professions like the medical field, applied technology, early childhood education, hospitality, EMT, and many more!

Parents: Did you know that Freshman Seminar is a class that allows your students to have the opportunity to begin thinking about the area of study or pathway that they would like to study throughout high school? It also provides an easy and efficient way for students to transition into high school.

Students: Did you know that it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression?

  • Always keep in mind that dress code, speech, and poise are a few of the many aspects many business professionals take into account.
  • Don’t forget these helpful interview and first impression tips:
  • Shake hands in a firm, but not too firm, grip.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Interact professionally.
  • Listen to your speakers. You’ll learn a ton of valuable info about your career choices!
  • Engage in conversation (Don’t be afraid to ask questions and comments!)

Most importantly, don’t forget to SMILE.

My Future, My Way!


– Mika Carr
Hunters Lane High School
Academy of International Baccalaureate
Academies of Nashville Social Media Intern

Hillwood Students wins SCORE Scholarship

Congratulations to Sarah Martin of Hillwood High School for besting statewide competition for the SCORE Prize “Students Rise to the Challenge” scholarship!

The contest from the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) asked students to produce a video to “tell their stories about innovative things happening in their classrooms and schools that make them excited about learning and better prepared for their futures.”

Here is Sarah’s entry:

There were four Metro students in the semifinals, but Sarah won the prize – a $500 scholarship – at last night’s SCORE Prize ceremony.

Way to go, Sarah! Thank you for representing Hillwood and the Academies of Nashville so well.

Academies of Nashville see success and growth at NCAC Conference

Metro high schools really wowed the crowds and impressed educators from across America at the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) national conference on Nov. 7 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Metro Schools held court in 24 sessions, with students, teachers, counselors, assistant principals, principals, central office staff and community partners at PENCIL and the Chamber of Commerce all taking part.

Chief Academic Officer Dr. Jay Steele and four McGavock High School Ambassadors were the conference’s keynote speakers.

Then came the honors…

McGavock High School was one of two national high schools featured as a model school with special break out sessions and a virtua tour, and four academies were awarded model status: The Academy of Aviation and Transportation and the Academy of Health Science and Law from McGavock, the Academy of Architecture and Construction from Cane Ridge and the Academy of Engineering from Overton. Principls were each given a $500 check and a banner to hang in their schools.

Academy business partner Deloitte won the Exemplar National Business Partner Award – the second year in a row for a Nashville business.

Then, in a surprise announcement, Dr. Steele also won the Sisyphus Award for perseverance in the support of academies.

From NCAC:

“We felt Jay deserved this award because of the leadership he exhibited in both Jacksonville and especially in Nashville to create a national career academy model for a city to emulate. This model highlights the critical role of collaborative work among a school district, the Chamber and business community, the college community and the Mayor’s Office to forge a relationship with career academies as the foundation towards high school graduation, academic attainment, economic and workforce development. It took a vision, hard work and persistence for this model to develop and be sustainable. The fact that people are coming from all over to learn how to do it, speaks volumes.

The Sisyphus Award is given every few years by the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) to professionals who have contributed on behalf of career academies, often in challenging or difficult circumstances. Generally, we have given this award to people in the national arena who have spearheaded the career academy movement. One award winner authored a major national assessment of career academies after a ten-year study; another has been seen as a national leader and the prime author of the National Standards of Practice.”

What a great conference for our schools! Thank you to all the students who took part and shared their incredible Academy stories with the rest of the country.

Stratford Criminal Justice Honor Students participate in the Annual Williamson County Criminal Justice Day

Stratford Criminal Justice students were invited by Williamson County Career Technical Education Criminal Justice to attend this unique “real world” opportunity to witness local, county and state law enforcement in various action filled exercises.

For example, the K-9 Officers from the Franklin Police Department conducted a felony car stop that resulted in K-9 “BOLO” removing a person from the back seat of the vehicle that vigorously refused to exit.

Students watched as the Mounted Patrol Officer utilized his horse to stop a physical altercation between two men.  Many of the students were surprised when the SWAT Team used a “Flashbang” to demonstrate its use in a tactical hostage operation.  Students also received training in ethics, integrity, and leadership.

The final demonstration resulted in the students exiting the building and looking up as a helicopter from the Tennessee Highway Patrol Aviation Unit landed in parking lot.  Thanks to Williamson County Schools, all attending students enjoyed pizza and desert.  A great day for all!

Intercession Recap: Hunters Lane

Even though it’s that time of the year for students to relax and enjoy their break from school, Hunters Lane still had students actively engaging in the community. In the MNPS system, we have what is called Intercession week before fall break. During intersession, students are able to get involved in the community with educational or experience based activities. At Hunters Lane, the following activities were offered for all of our students:

IMG_1673IB Art Exhibit:

On October 8th, Hunters Lane hosted an IB (International Baccalaureate) Art Exhibit at the Goodlettsville Public Library displaying artwork designed by Junior and Senior students in the Academy of International Baccalaureate. Each student chose a local artist and mimicked the technique and style that their local artist used within their own artwork. Students then invited their local artist to come to the art show to check out their stellar art pieces. Some students even got the chance to receive art from their local artist for having chosen them as their inspiration! The art show was a blast. Thank you to all teachers, staff, local artists, librarians, parents, and students for taking the time out of their day and learning about the talented Hunters Lane IB Art students.

Human Relations Summit:

Also, on October 8th, Hunters Lane students took a trip to Fisk University in downtown Nashville. At Fisk, the annual Youth Summit was hosted for students within the district to get involved and gain knowledge on issues within the real world and ways to positively impact their community. There were several workshops held throughout Fisk’s campus including: Religious Freedom, Diversity and Culture, Bullying Violence, Southern Word, Hate Crimes, Conflict Management, Healing for Survivors, Peacemaking Circles, etc. The Human Relations Summit is a great way for students to gain leadership skills, connect with other students, and have fun learning about different perspectives on life!


IMG_1652College Tour:

On October 8th and 9th, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students from Hunters Lane took a field trip to Western Kentucky University, Campbellsville University, Louisville University, and Austin Peay. Students were able to get information about financial aid, tuition, courses, credits, and life at these great colleges! Also, Tennessee Technological University alumni, Coach Fleck, took a group of students to TTU in Cookeville, Tenn. All students who attended the college tour(s) had a great time exploring prospective colleges they may attend.

Senior Give Back Day

On October 11th, Hunters Lane Seniors attended their annual give back day where they painted the class of 2014 motto/inspirational quote on the hallway at Hunters Lane. This years quote is: The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Come check it out at Hunters Lane on your next visit! Thank you to all the seniors who could make it!

Academic Aid:

On October 9th and 10th, all students were able to attend the Algebra/Geometry Review, IB and Capstone Open Library, ACT Reading/English prep session, and the prodigies catch up days. In the variety of activities, students would get help on the subject-specific courses and continue working on long and short term assignments as well as receive college prep where students gained insight on how to put together an exceptional college application, creating a personal statement, creating a resume, completing the FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and all other helpful college tips.
– Mika Carr
Hunters Lane High School
Academy of International Baccalaureate
Academies of Nashville Social Media Intern


Stratford STEM Magnet High students visit academy partner Willis Corp.

Job shadowing give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Nazje M., a student from Stratford High School’s Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies,  participated in a a field trip to the Willis Corp. In this post, Nazje writes about his experience.


13.11.09 StratfordOn October 9, 2013, I sat with Mr. Praveen Mohan. He is the Senior Developer at Willis Corp. He taught me many interesting concepts. The most memorable information that Mr. Mohan taught me was the difference between Java and C#. The difference is that C# is just Microsoft’s version of Java. Other than that they are compiled and built the same.

Mr. Mohan also told me valuable information such as what an interface is, what a data base is and what it does, and some websites that will help me learn about technology through Microsoft. He told me to learn as much about data bases as possible. He said, “The more knowledge of data bases you have, the better it’ll be.” I believe this statement to be true and I’m going to try and learn all that I possibility can about data bases.

In conclusion, my experience at Willis was very memorable. I learned a few concepts that I’m going to use in the future. I am very thankful for this experience and I will never forget it.