Unique learning opportunities in the Ford Academy of Business

Hello, my name is Lanse Ngo and I am a junior at Glencliff High School.  I am in the Ford Academy of Business, which uses Ford PAS curriculum. Within my academy, we do simple things from team building activities to extravagant things such as job shadowing with many business professionals. I must admit my academy is […]

Community Service and Passion at Glencliff

My name is Dalton and I am a senior at Glencliff High School. I am a member of Glencliff’s Academy of Medical Science and Research and am proud to say that we are among the top academies at Glencliff, not only in academics, but also in service and passion. I am incalculably excited to see brilliant minds and compassionate […]

What an experience!

Written by: Itzel, Lisa & Paulina Talk about commitment – my internship was a wonderful learning experience. I learned about myself and the type of worker I am. Through NCAC I was placed at the Sheriff’s Office. I have always wanted to work in law enforcement and become a homicide detective. Placing me in this particular […]